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Subsea Cable Systems

Bridge Technologies is a partner of SubCom, a business unit of Tyco Electronics and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology and marine services.

SubCom has played a leading role in connecting people from all parts of the globe for more than half a century.

SubCom pioneered a number of new technologies to enable fiber optics in order to meet the rapidly growing demands of the Internet Age.
Partnering with Subcom enables us to offer services including Network Planning, System Design, Marine Installation, Dry Plant Equipment Installation and maintenance services.

Turnkey Optical Networks

Bridge Technologies is a partner of Xtera, an innovative provider of sub-sea telecoms solutions, carries an extensive portfolio of intellectual property.

Xtera supplies both un-repeatered and repeatered systems, using its high performance optical amplifiers to deliver traffic directly inland to cities through an outstanding expertise, know-how and technology innovation that is underpinned by leading-edge research and development.

Through continuous investment in research and development, Xtera have an innovative, reliable range of submarine cable technologies.

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Bridge Technologies is a partner of Centina systems, a US based company and a leader in Next Generation OSS systems.

NGOSS is a mandatory function for every service provider to implement to operate their network, where it gives their NOC the ability to manage end to end multi-vendor networks and pro-actively detect and resolve network problems.

With Centina Systems’ NetOmnia, Service Providers are able to Monitor and manage their multi-vendor network, Increase profitability by reducing operational costs, Reduce Mean Time To Repair, Faster time-to-market while introducing new services, Manage SLA’s and Increase network reliability, performance and uptime.


Bridge Technologies is a partner of Technobiz Equipment, a Singapore based company which runs operations in central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Technobiz Equipment PTE LTD is one of the recognized leaders in developing payment solutions and professionally provided services to facilitate payment processes for operators and providers of services, as well as for end customers.

Bridge Technologies has entered into a Joint Venture with Technobiz Equipment in Egypt, establishing TBE Egypt payment solutions and services S.A.E.

TBE Egypt has its headquarters in Egypt, operating under the commercial name BEE.

BEE Launched its operations in Egypt in 2011 by partnering with Major Telecom Operators. In less than 2 years, BEE has become one of the largest E-Payment Companies in Egypt.

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